Phillip and Danielle Phillips in their restaurant Chicken and the Wolf

Chicken and the Wolf
is one of over twenty concepts at Mother Road Market, Tulsa’s first food hall. The restaurant uses their batter station, four fryers and other equipment provided by Curtis to serve their amazing Nashville hot chicken. If you haven’t tried it yet, be prepared to wait in line and heed the heat levels on the menu because they are spot on with the descriptions.

Chicken and the Wolf is the second concept of Philip and Danielle Phillips. Their first creation, the Lone Wolf Banh Mi food truck, has grown into two successful brick and mortar locations. Before Chicken and the Wolf could become a staple restaurant on Route 66, they had to figure out how to fit a full restaurant into a space the size of a tiny apartment. Philip Phillips said, "In all honesty, I was pretty lost before Grant agreed to collaborate on our project. We had to come up with an operational setup that can crank out 500 orders a day out of a 360 square foot food stall.”

Grant Vespasian has been a Curtis Consultant for over three years and has over 25 years of restaurant operations experience ranging from dishwasher to bartender to chef. “This project was different from others I have done because Philip, Danielle and I consulted on not just the equipment but the product they were going to sell. Philip put a lot of work into the chicken recipe and I was able to help consult with him on that as well as design the kitchen around it,” Grant said.

Philip said, "The decisions being made were down to the inch on every piece of equipment and how it fit the puzzle. Equally challenging was our razor-thin budget for the project. The team at Curtis is a huge part of why Chicken and the Wolf has become as successful as it has.”

Curtis Consultants are passionate about solving problems and helping business owners. When asked what he enjoyed most about the project, Grant said, “Everything we did on that project is the reason why I took this job. Not only were we helping the customer achieve their goals, but there was creativity and passion involved during the process.”