It takes a team to put on a Drillers baseball game. Drillers staff shown are Tom Jones, Geoff Beaty, Jason George, Mike Melega, Rob Gardenhire, Jason Wilson, Carter Witt, Mark Hilliard, Brian Carroll, Cheryll Couey.

Oneok Field was one of Tulsa’s biggest projects to revitalize the downtown area. Home to the Tulsa Drillers minor league baseball team, Oneok Field boasts 360-degree views, and attracts more than 400,000 visitors to downtown Tulsa each year. The project took 11,000 yards of concrete and 650 tons of steel, not including the massive 30-foot oil derrick greeting baseball fans as they approach the main stadium entrance.

Oneok Field is definitely going big as far as its foodservice offering. The stadium includes three large concession areas, outfield concessions, specialty food carts, main kitchen, and the exclusive Tycoon Stadium Club bar.

Jason Wilson, food and beverage director comments, “The large concession stand on the first-base side will probably have more points of sale than the old ballpark had altogether.”

Curtis Restaurant Supply furnished and installed the equipment, and smallwares, and provided design services for the permanent concession areas, main kitchen, as well as the Tycoon Stadium Club bar servicing the 23 upper-level private suites.

After the bidding process “Manhattan Construction turned to us to help furnish a superior food service operation,” said Curtis project manager, Erik Davidson. The Design/Build process allowed us to work closely with Manhattan Construction and their team to finish the project on-time and on-budget. Davidson feels the reason the project was so successful was the ability to work with the general and MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) contractors to facilitate a plan to move ahead with minimal revisions.

Davidson says, “We remained 100% flexible as far as project conditions, and were able to change directions based on the customer’s need, and even the weather. We were able to anticipate any situations coming up and went to the general and MEP contractors for immediate resolution. They were able to resolve the issue in one to two days, rather than one to two weeks. This saved the project valuable time and money on unnecessary change orders. This was the major differentiation between finishing a project in one year, rather than two or more years.”

David Hillin, Curtis vice-president, adds, “With the public-private cooperation and funding setting the tone for construction, it was also important to use as many local subcontractors as possible, keeping the money in the Tulsa area. We are especially proud to be a contributor to this project.”

Oneok Field
201 N Elgin Ave
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120