Restaurateur Miranda Kaiser gladly serves up one of her lunch specials.

Miranda Kaiser, owner of Cosmo Café and Bar, made a huge decision to move her restaurant from south Tulsa to the city's Brookside area. It was definitely the right move, she said, because the restaurant is flourishing in its new location.

The decision to move Cosmo to Brookside was a fairly slow process. However, the actual move happened really fast. "My Curtis sales rep, Kathy Bennett, is so knowledgeable and experienced. I felt very comfortable having her as my consultant and project manager. Because of Kathy, the move went quickly, and there were no problems. She knows how to get things done," says Kaiser.

Kaiser also buys smallwares from Curtis. She said the showroom personnel is one of the reasons she buys her smallwares from Curtis. "I'm always greeted by at least three people, and they know me by name. I can barely get waited on at other restaurant supply stores. I know I can always get the items I need at Curtis."

In addition to the showroom personnel, Kaiser appreciates the one-on-one attention she receives from everyone at Curtis, from the owners to the delivery drivers. One issue in particular comes to mind. "I was having a problem with my ice machine. My sales rep brought the problem to the attention of one of the owners, Jay Gulick. Jay stepped in and gave me several options to resolve the problem. The contact with him was huge. The fact that the owner made himself available to me really raised the bar for customer service."

Kaiser said the move was expensive, but has really paid off.  In fact, business has tripled since the move to Brookside only nine months ago. She said the neighborhood seems more suited to Cosmo's eclectic atmosphere.

Many of the Mediterranean recipes reflect Kaiser's time spent in Israel, France, and England. The restaurant has ample parking, plenty of seating, and an extensive bar with very creative cocktails. Urban Tulsa named Cosmo as the Best Brookside Restaurant and the Best Brookside Bar. All this plus its ultra cool décor and new location make Cosmo Café and Bar a great place to eat and play.

Cosmos Café and Bar
3334 S. Peoria, Tulsa, OK 74105
(918) 933-4848
Open 7 Days a Week from 11:00am until After Midnight
Facebook: Cosmo Café and Bar
Twitter: @CosmoCafe