Curtis' Reza Ghavami and Blue Rose Cafe owner, Tom Dittus

Blue Rose Café has been a favorite hot spot in Tulsa’s Brookside area for more than a decade. Now, the restaurant  overlooks the Arkansas River just north of the 21st street bridge. It still has great, casual American food, live music, and cold beer. But now it has expansive patio dining, an outside bar, and a beautiful view of the river. 

“The Blue Rose Cafe’s new location was a challenge to begin with,” said owner, Tom Dittus, “We always start a new restaurant project with an existing kitchen space. This was a completely new construction project. Although we had access to used cooking equipment, it was important to us to have new equipment because of the warranty. ”

“Our management group shopped the competition on price, but the relationship built with Curtis Restaurant Supply over the years was the clincher in our buying decision. Our sales representative, Reza Ghavami, and kitchen project manager, Erik Davidson, have been there for our other restaurants, and worked hard to get this project completed for us,” said Tom.

The Blue Rose kitchen has seven people on the line, so the kitchen configuration had to be extremely efficient. The installation of the cooking equipment proved to be challenging. Curtis Sales rep, Reza Ghavami, comments, “Due to space issues, we had to build the vent hood around the range like a puzzle. There are always issues that come up during installation, but we were able to make on-the-fly modifications to make it fit perfectly. Tom’s architect was great to work with on this project.”

“I have enjoyed working with Reza,” said Tom. “He is accommodating, quick, knowledgeable and gives constructive suggestions on the things I need. The one thing we may have misjudged was storage space. To overcome this challenge, Reza suggested installing a new walk-in freezer outside the restaurant on a slab.”

Mr. Dittus is working on a breakfast menu which should be very well received for the Brookside area crowd.  Also, plans are in motion to create a shrimp boil once a month. Tom said, “It should be fun. No silverware, great food, nice view of the river, and lots of napkins.”

Blue Rose Café
1924 Riverside Drive
Tulsa, OK 74119
Facebook: @Blue Rose
Hours: 11:00am – 1:00am Daily